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Welcome to KaisWayRidge, the home of happy, healthy Silver Foxes!  We hope you will enjoy browsing our site and learning about the fun times and highlights, the troubles and tribulations of keeping and living with these remarkable animals.

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We very occasionally breed a litter from our foxes when we have enough good, suitable and caring homes lined up. Silver Foxes have very specific needs and do not make suitable pets for most people. We ask that you read our page on KEEPING PET FOXES before even considering taking one on from anywhere. 

Please CONTACT US to discuss being placed on our waiting list for a carefully bred and well socialised cub that comes with the guarantee of our advice and help for the entirety of the fox's life.

The 2019 Waiting List for Silver Fox Cubs is now open!

KWR is the life and soul of Kat Gunn, a long time Animal Care professional and dedicated animal lover.  Kat cannot remember a time when animals were not at the very centre of her being and from a very young age was keeping and breeding small exotic rodents with the onus on her fascination for genetics and love of enclosure design and enrichment. 

She graduated with distinction and the Miur award from an Animal Management College in 2006 and has since studied canine behaviour, training and nutrition, worked with exotic animals in a zoological facility, in herpetoculture, aquaculture and the veterinary field.

Kat lives with her wonderfully tolerant and incredibly supportive partner Troy, two dogs, a tanuki, a skunk and an assortment of silver foxes. 

Red Squirrel

Red Squirrel


why Kaiswayridge?

Located in a lovely, semi-rural area on the Buckinghamshire and Berkshire border, KWR is named in memory of Kai, one of Kats' first foxes.  Horrendously, Kai was forcibly removed from his enclosure and dumped by someone who felt that he was better off 'in the wild' than in his safe, secure and loving home. After a mammoth attempt to find and recover him safely, he was killed on a road just four days later.

Silver foxes do NOT belong in the wild. They are domestic bred animals that are completely unequipped to contend with roads, competition for resources, parasites, predators and the trials and tribulations of wild life.

Kais' 'liberation' and subsequent death was completely avoidable and his blood is on the hands of the uneducated person who removed him from safety. A huge thank you to our dear friend Paris for the superb name suggestion. Kai lives on in our hearts and memories.



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